Richhill Dental Care offers affordable private and NHS  dental services.

NHS services are available for current registered NHS patients and treatment provides essential dental care only – treatment which patients require to keep their mouths, teeth and gums healthy and pain-free.

The NHS does not offer cosmetic treatments or advanced treatments such as dental implants, and uses functional rather than aesthetic materials within treatments. As an example, NHS treatment would use amalgam (silver metal) for fillings, rather than a white filling, which will blend better with the natural teeth.

However even as an NHS patient, at Richhill Dental Care you are still able to upgrade to aesthetic private options for any treatments, should you choose.

NHS dental care is free of charge for children registered under the age of 18 and for those under 19 and in full-time education.

The following groups are exempt from NHS charges:

  • All under 18 year olds
  • Students under 19 years old in full-time education
  • Income support
  • Disabled Person’s Tax Credit Exemption
  • Working Tax Credit Exemption
  • Income Based Jobseekers Allowance
  • People holding exemption certificates
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers (baby under 1 yr. old)

Private services, we are happy to welcome new patients. Patients can pay in stages, if treatment is carried out over several visits with all fees to be settled on completion.  A 50% deposit is normal if laboratory work is involved eg. (Dentures, crowns and bridges).

Fee guide

These are a guide only and will be confirmed at initial consultation

  • Routine exam : £50
  • X ray: from £6
  • White filling anterior teeth: from £35
  • White filling posterior teeth: from £70
  • Amalgam fillings: from £60
  • Routine hygiene visit: £55
  • Hygiene visit with airflow stain removal: £65
  • Crowns: from £450
  • Bridges: from £475
  • Veneers: from £380
  • Dentures: from £305
  • Bleaching upper or lower: £175
  • Bleaching upper and lower: £325
  • Root fillings: from £220
  • Implant consultation: £90
  • Implants: from £2200
  • Bone graft: £500
  • Invisalign: Upper and lower £2970
  • Invisalign: Upper or lower £2530
  • Extraction: from £85
  • Mouthguard/sportsguard: from £60
  • Composite bonding: from £165/tooth
  • Injection moulding composite: from £165/tooth
  • Enlighten teeth whitening: £495-£600
  • Boutique teeth whitening: £325
  • Colgate professional optic white: £300
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The care and treatments are always excellent, I am always given time to ask any questions. The girls in reception are always so pleasant and cheerful.